Compoundly Review and Bonuses

My Compoundly review is based on access to the front-end product. The bonuses mentioned in this Compoundly review are exclusively from me and not available via other vendors.

First of all, what is Compoundly all about?

Compoundly is a system of blogging and traffic designed to help a newcomer to create a sustainable business that will bring in regular income. It is the methods that Paul Nicholls (one of the product creators) uses daily – unlike many methods sold by some other vendors, who don’t actually practice what they teach.

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What is Compoundly claiming?

Compoundly Review and Bonuses

Here’s a part of the sales page –

Untapped? well that refers to the niche, I guess and this method WILL work in any niche.

100% beginner friendly – perhaps for the technically aware. Some of the starter details are left for the viewer to discover for themselves (see my bonuses for help here). Same for ‘up and running in 24 hours or less’ (let alone ‘profitable’).

Completely Free Traffic – There are 10 traffic methods described, some are free, some aren’t. It will take work and persistence to get any of them going and the free methods aren’t necessarily fast, although they are explained well.

Scaling built-in. Yeah, I guess with the paid traffic methods it’s easy to scale. Scaling in this case is more about efficiency rather than merely increasing what you’re doing. Same with making more for less.

Stacks of proof – Paul provides proof of his own successes but none from his pupils, which I think would have been more impressive.

Compoundly Review and Bonuses

So there’s lots of sales talk that can be taken with at least a pinch of salt, but how about what’s actually inside?

This is where Compoundly starts to get good. The training is very good in content. I just have one or two things to say about the delivery.

My one big complaint is Paul’s delivery. He has a dry monotone which rather grates on my ears and he does have a tendency to ramble and repeat sometimes. The videos are screen recordings of Paul drawing on Paint. It works OK and everything is understandable. Just dry and slow.

Here’s what I mean:

It may not bother you, but with the inablity to speed up the video (Most YouTube hosted videos give you access to the speed settings where you can speed a video up to 1.25x faster and it’s still intelligible), makes it painful to me. Perhaps I’m just fussy.

Two of the 10 videos are just under 30 minutes and another is nearly 50 minutes. The remainder are around 10 or 15 minutes. The content of all them is great and valuable. Just the delivery (shudder).

Here are the vendor bonuses for Compoundly:

Compoundly Review and Bonuses
Compoundly Review and Bonuses
Compoundly Review and Bonuses

As well as a quick-start sheet and a couple of things to start writing reviews about along with videos to help your pre-sell. (If I use them later, I’ll link to them here).

Although the majority of the training is about the best way to do review videos, there is little on actually setting up a WordPress blog, nor any recommendations on themes or plugins, so my bonuses will cover this lack.

First of all, I’m giving you access to my own WordPress training package which takes you through the basics of setting up WordPress on your own hosting (by far the best bet).

I’ll include a cheat-sheet of some of the most useful plugins to help you along and I’ll include this extra piece of advice as a free bonus right here and now – It doesn’t matter what theme you use. Pick something plain and simple that looks OK on desktop and mobile – pretty much anything recent and you’ll be fine. Tweak later if you must, but get it working first.


Although they’re listed as One Time Offers you get access to all of them as you go through the sales funnel and again once you’re inside the training area.

OTO1 of Compoundly is some prepared videos, emails and reviews of some other products. Extremely useful to help you get started if you’re going from scratch and you’re not sure what to write.

OTO2 of Compoundly is Advanced Training. More hints and tips on improving your reviews as well as more traffic sources. Concentrating more on getting better conversions with existing traffic than actually increasing the traffic. This is highly important as you will be getting more earnings without paying heavily for more visitors.

OTO3 of Compoundly is Resell Rights to the whole package. You can get 100% of the sales price through the whole funnel without any of the support hassles. It’s like it’s your funnel. Well worth it, but go through the course first to see if you like it enough to want to resell it to other people.

OTO4 is not exclusive to Compoundly but is Paul’s advanced affiliate marketing training. It’s not quite one on one personal training although he is available to you for questions. It’s ‘the rest’ of what he does to get to his bigger pay-days. Don’t go for this if you’re brand new, but it’s something to consider once you get some experience under your belt. (This may be gone by the time you read this).

Do I Recommend Compoundly?

I do recommend Compoundly almost whole-heartedly. However, most of my reservations may not be the same as yours. Mine are just about Paul’s voice and delivery. There is definitely nothing wrong with the content, which is absolutely superb. If you’re not making money with affiliate marketing, this is definitely something worth getting in to and working on.

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