DigiiBiz review – Easily Creating Your Own Products

This is my DigiiBiz review based on access granted by Mark Bishop.

digiibiz review Why create your own products? I actually have my own free, short course on product creation. It is called Product Creation for the Terminally Terrified and you can download it HERE.

In it I give you a simple way to create your own written product and turn it into many other products to give you more to sell or add more value to a single product. There’s nothing wrong with the system and I still use it myself, but I now feel it may become a bit obsolete.

First of all though, why would you want to create your own products? Aren’t there enough out there already?

The main reason for creating your own products is that it becomes YOUR NAME that can be circulated. You can be perceived as The Expert. The second reason, especially as an affiliate marketer, is that you can rise above all those ‘me too’ guys that pile a hundred PLR items as a bonus to an affiliate sale – whether or not the PLR is related to the product they’ve just sold to you.

Quantity over quality and a definite case of buyer confusion when they see everything they ‘have to’ go through.

It is far better to have only a few bonus items that are closely related to the products people are buying and better still if they are directly about the product. But not everyone has the time or expertise to create products like this in short order.

It is something you should bear in mind if you’re doing affiliate campaigns yourself though.

How about a system where you can (legally) take other people’s work, make some quick tweaks to personalise it a bit (your own affiliate links, perhaps) and add it as a bonus. No one else would have anything like it. It would be unique to you and much superior to drowning your customers in unwanted, unrelated, low-quality PLR.

What is DigiiBiz? digiibiz review

DigiiBiz is an online based system that can help you turn almost any online content into your own PDF and/or rebrand WordPress plugins with your links so that you can give away software (perceived as very valuable) to your buyers.

It really is  as simple as that. Find some good content, feed the location into DigiiBiz and get a PDF product out. It’s even hosted for you, so you don’t even need to worry about that.

Same with the plugins. Brand it as yours and just give out the download link. If there are any updates, DigiiBiz takes care of them.

Are there other alternatives to DigiiBiz?

Funny you should ask that. The Bonus Vault was released a while ago, but not many people have been using it. This means that the bonus courses it provides (over 30 of them) have not been widely seen. There are also a selection of banners you can use to ‘advertise’ each of the bonuses to make them stand out on a page.

bonus vault review

Now the 2 products, DigiiBiz and Bonus Vault have very different approaches and the two together will make a formidable bonus combination if you can use them in conjunction because they do the same thing (offer quality bonuses) but in very different ways.

It’s got to be something to consider. Check out one or both of the buttons below to look at DigiiBiz and Bonus Vault.

DigiiBiz review


Bonus Vault review



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