Easy Profits Maker review

This is my Easy Profit Makers review based on access granted by Michel Sirois. I have not bought this product but I have been allowed to look inside the members area to asses the package for you.

Easy Profits Makers Review

The thing that strikes me straight away in this review is that Easy Profits Makers (please don’t blame me for all the extra ‘s’) is definitely aimed at the beginner marketer. The training starts at square one and keeps everything nice and basic.

The second thing that catches your attention about Easy Profits Makers is the almost indiscriminate mix of text, graphics and video. There are no PDF files here and all of the tutorials are on the web pages, with the occasional video thrown in where required. This actually makes for some good training. Watch the video, but missed a bit or didn’t quite understand what you were seeing? Doesn’t matter. Just scroll down and read through the text and accompanying images. That generally clears things up very nicely.

Who is Easy Profits Makers aimed at?

As I said above, this is aimed at total beginners, so anyone with a few months of knowledge probably won’t gain any more until the latter parts of the tutorials where you are taught about segmentation and list cleaning. That said, the tutorials although brief, do cover everything that a new affiliate marketer would need to know.

The delivery is done one topic at a time and there is only one way of jumping the queue if you only want to review a particular module – which is via the home page. Once you’re in the training, it’s step-by-step, meaning you won’t see things out of order.

The whole setup is based around reselling Easy Profits Makers and a few other products where you are guaranteed affiliate access by Michel or his associates. Once you get the idea with one product though, you can easily rinse and repeat with others.

The One Time Offers – Upsells for Easy Profits Makers

The OTOs are logical and since the most obvious one is the done-for-you squeeze page setup, that’s the first thing to be presented. It’s branded with your picture to make you look like a co-presenter of the product. This is a really unique approach for affiliates.

OTO2 is the entire funnel, including the autoresponder follow-up emails and tracking links, meaning that you have to do nothing except drive the traffic.

OTO3 does all the segmentation at your autoresponder and final setting up – the total done-for-you package.

As it should be, none of the OTOs are essential and the front-end course stands very well on its own. Once you’re through it all, there’s no doubt in my mind that you will be able to repeat as often as you wish for other products. The OTOs are offered again from the menu of the training, so there’s no worry if you miss them on the first time around.

Michel often states that he is available to help if required and encourages the student to do so at various points. I have no doubt that a marketer of his experience will be able to help you a great deal if you need it.

Would I buy Easy Profits Makers? No. But I am not the target market for this product. I’ve been at this for too long and this is ideal for the brand new marketer who’s not sure where to start. Easy Profits Makers would certainly set him up well.

The downsides of Easy Profits Makers?

I’d say there are some. It’s aimed at a low level of knowledge. I have a feeling there will be many who refund on Easy Profits Makers because they know most of what is in it already. The modules on segmentation and list cleaning might not be enough to save it in that respect, good as they are.

The mix of video and text might not suit everyone either. I actually found it a very good way to learn, but I mostly prefer to read my info anyway. The short videos did help to reinforce what I’d read though. Horses for courses on that one.

My one big gripe is that there is only one traffic source discussed. It’s solo ads or nothing, but don’t worry. I’ve got you covered in my bonuses.

My Bonuses for Easy Profits Makers

Let’s start with Bing Ads Mastery ($97) – All you need to know about mastering Bing Ads, of course.

Launch Jacking Formula ($47) – Get on new launches before they’re announced and use their newness to earn you good income.

Attracting Massive Traffic ($17) – A nice little single video course that helps you get free traffic with We Chat.

Free Traffic System – My own creation. Grab this software that shows you how to use several traffic sources both free and paid.

All of the bonuses will be delivered from the WarriorPlus product page.

Take a good look at Easy Profits Makers and see for yourself. It’s a good package if you’re a newbie and will definitely help you get set up properly from the word go.

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Easy Profits Makers review
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