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Email Fire Review – Kam Fatz How to warm up a cold email list

This is my Email Fire review based on access granted by Kam Fatz.

When a subscriber has just joined your email list, they don’t really know you. Sure, they might feel a little gratitude if they’ve just downloaded your giveaway, but they might not have read it yet. You have to build that ‘know, like and trust’ factor so that the new subscriber can be turned into a prospect and then a buyer.

Do you have an email list you have neglected? They’ve been built up over time, perhaps from a forgotten squeeze page on a different autoresponder and then suddenly discovered. They haven’t heard from you in ages and they’ve probably lost all faith in you.

Two different groups but with similar problems. You need to get yourself on their good side (and it’s not the other way around) so how do you best approach them? They are both ‘cold’ subscribers and you need to warm them up, preferably in the shortest time possible. You need to light an Email Fire under them.

My Email Fire review

Email Fire Review Kam Fatz (actually Kam Jennings but he’s been known as ‘Zero Fatz’ for a while) does not do launch after launch, week-in, week-out and by his own admission, does not score home-runs with every release. He does however, analyse his successes and failures publicly so that we can all learn what he did right or wrong and what could have been done better. Personally, I have never found fault with any of his products from a production point of view. They just don’t always find the right audience.

I think that Email Fire will be one of his winners though.

Unlike many of Kam’s products, Email Fire in itself is not a tutorial for the buyer of the package, although there are lessons to be learned from it. Instead, it is a sequence of emails designed to be sent out over a month, warming up new subscribers to the idea that the list-builder can be seen as an expert who knows the subscriber’s problems and can show solutions to them without waving ‘buy this’ links under their noses all the time.

The base package is merely an introduction video from Kam and a single zip download containing the same information in many different formats (pdf, docx, odt,rtf) along with a license agreement that these are for your personal use only, so no reselling.

These 20 emails, scheduled to go out over 30 days are a great way to get you back into your subscribers email lives and integrate your thoughts into their plans. My personal addition to this (and not stated by Kam) is that you should use these emails as guideline for creating your own (and so they will have YOUR voice).

There are also 3 links to some video playlists, known as the IM Tips Quick Training, these 40 videos, each between 4 and 40 minutes (except for a couple of much longer ones) are exactly what they say they are – some quick tips to make you a better internet marketer. This is actually the stuff that Kam excels at and is the true value in the package.

Email Fire Upgrades / OTOs / Downsells Email Fire Review

Where would a product launch be without some upsells? There’s a bit of a chain of them but they do break down into 3 sections.

Email Fire OTO1

is a Video Case Study that shows how Kam generated $1,561.92 with a specific series of emails (aka 4 Day Crush Campaign) sent out strategically over a period of 4 days.  The email series itself is included in this training so that it can be copied.

Email Fire DS1

DS1 is the Epic Conversions Insider’s Club.  It’s Kam’s monthly low ticket membership program that gives members a brand new IM product every single month and keeps them up to date on the newest tips, tricks and info in the IM space. There is a 7-day trial price of $1.99 so it’s easily worth a punt.

Email Fire OTO2

OTO2 is a Master Class Replays Package.  In this, customers will be getting replays on 3 of Kam’s Masterclass Series that retail for $97 each.  This is over 22 hours of deep level IM training.

Email Fire DS2

DS2 takes away 2 of the Master Class Series offered in OTO2 but leaves the crown jewel of the set, the Affiliate Command Master Class Replays.  Over 11 hours of insightful strategy and deep level IM tactics.

Email Fire OTO3

Kam’s Email Fire LIVE masterclass series.  A three day interactive virtual event where Kam teaches the strategies and tactics he used while creating the Email Fire series.  Students will be creating a brand new email engagement series together with Kam during this training. Obviously, if you’re on the live calls, you get to ask questions directly to Kam while you learn and create.

Email Fire DS3

DS3 is the replays on the 3 Day Email Fire Master Class Series. You get all the info, but you might not get your questions answered.

Email Fire Review Conclusions

At first glance there doesn’t appear to be much there for your (nearly) $11, but the video series IM Tips Quick Training is more than worth it. Consider the email series the bnous to this training really. Look at it that way around and 40 top-quality videos for your money is well worth the price.

I can’t comment too much on the up and down sells as I haven’t seen them, but I do know the quality in Kam’s trainings of old and these will not be any different. The only one that seems a little off-topic to me is downsell one but it does have good value on its own and it does start with a $1.99 7-day trial, so you can find out for yourself what you could be getting for your money.

Email Fire ReviewMy Bonuses

I had to think hard about what sort of extra value I could add to a Kam Fatz product (and believe me, that isn’t easy). In the end I decided on

A Done for you email series. Takes a different line to Email Fire and it’s something else to consider.

How To Write a Product Launch Email Campaign – An audio course that does exactly what it says

Plus a mystery bonus.

Time to grab Email Fire here and warm up your new and cold subscribers (or click the button below)

Email Fire Review

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