Funnel First review

This is my review of Funnel First by Phillip Brewer based on my purchase.

Phillip Brewer has been a busy man this year. You may have already read my review of his Solo Siphon product, showing the best way to become a solo ad reseller. Now he’s addressing the marketer who needs to make a little money quickly and who thinks he doesn’t have all the resources he needs.

Now I will admit in this Funnel First review that I’m going to be a little light on details, because there’s not too much I can say that doesn’t give away the farm. That doesn’t mean that Funnel First is a bad product. It just means that Funnel First is a simple idea that doesn’t need much explaining.

Which is good. Simple explanations means there’s less to go wrong, meaning it’s simpler for you to make money with it.

What’s In Funnel First?

Funnel First review

The first thing you’ll notice about Funnel First is that all the pages associated with the sales and downloads are very simple. There’s no flashy graphics and no hyped-up claims. Totally in keeping with the basic premise of Funnel First – keeping it simple.

The only claim is that you don’t need to create a product, which is true in a kind of not-true sort of way. I know that sounds confusing, but if I say much more than that, you’ll miss the point of the tutorial because you’ll think you already know what to do and you will definitely miss out on the finer details.

Funnel First itself is a 42 page PDF without excessive waffle or filler. It does come straight to the point. It is in a fairly large font (which does account for the page count), but for people like me (I’m in my late 50s) that’s not a bad thing.

The ideas it puts over are not brand new although I haven’t seen the total approach before, using the networks that it suggests. So, old ideas through new channels – which means that you don’t have to go around re-inventing the wheel – A good thing.

It’s not niche-limited. What you’ll be offering is not limited to the IM niche. In fact, it’s universal to online selling, so there’s an opportunity to find different niches to specialise in.

It can be outsourced, in which case you’ll be acting as an arbitrage agent. The only limits then is how many customers you can get to your single-page funnel and it’s not dependent on your availability.

You don’t have to outsource it and you may even enjoy doing it all yourself and keeping all that lovely income.

Funnel First Contents

Funnel First doesn’t make any income claims because it’s all down to you. What you offer (your non-product product) and what you charge for it.

Phillip has put some affiliate links within the PDF, but at the price-point is selling at, this is not a surprise. Even $1000 products include affiliate links sometimes. If a product creator is going to offer a product, they’re in it to make money and affiliate recommendations is a chance to make more money. Don’t knock it. We’re all in the same business.

Talking of making extra money, yes, there are upsells. It’s only natural and the best bit is they’re not required buying.

The first upsell is definitely helpful – It’s a done-for-you sales page. It’s pretty simple but it’s all that’s required. If you’re not a web designer or don’t have access to a page-builder, it will be helpful. You will (of course) need a domain and hosting to put it out there, but I will help you with that, if needs be.

The second upsell is not required – it’s 100% resell rights to Funnel First. So you advertise it and you claim all the money made from the sales you make. It’s a ‘nice to have’ but not an essential.

Funnel First Conclusions

Do I like Funnel First? Yes – it’s a simple idea, well presented and pretty much everything that you need is shown to you.

What don’t I like? For me personally, there’s nothing much that’s bad. A couple of videos explaining the PDF contents would have made it better, but that’s a minor point really. Too many products are video only with no written back up, which does annoy me. Funnel First could have some videos but doesn’t really suffer from their lack.

If you’re an established marketer with a reliable income stream you don’t need Funnel First unless you’re looking for a profitable diversion from the usual. There are some interesting ideas that I hadn’t seen elsewhere and you’ll probably get more yourself.

If you’re looking for a way of making money, that doesn’t involve creating an initial product then Funnel First will help you do that job. You won’t make a retirement-worthy fortune out of the information, but there aren’t many low-cost products that will do that for you anyway. Treat Funnel First like a seed-money producer (make a little bit to get you started) and it’s ideal.

Check out Funnel First here.

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