Funnel Franchise review

Funnel Franchise review based on joining the system and using the training.

Funnel Franchise is by Mark Wightly and is not so much a collection of training videos but more of a system. At first glance, it looks a bit it’s something to just reel you in and suck your money, but first glances can be deceiving.

The first thing you might notice is that you have to opt-in twice to get to the introductory video. It’s not an error, it’s an easy way to make sure subscribers get added to your own list first.

The second thing is that there is so much available inside the training. I will admit that the upgraded memberships are pushed hard throughout the training, but that’s hardly a surprise. When all is said and done, sites are put up to make money for the owner and with so much given away for free, there has to be some monetization somewhere.

What’s in the Funnel Franchise Free Training?

Funnel Franchise review

The training is split up into different sections – setting up the system so YOU can make money from it, including some external sources of affiliate income, which strikes me as an excellent way of doing things.

The training also goes on to free and paid promotional methods for Funnel Franchise plus email marketing methods that you can use once you start building your own list. Buried a little bit are also 2 more premium courses on creating review videos and promoting them.

The final training section is for creating your own WordPress blog and this is where most of the affiliate links you set up near the beginning come into play. When you get other people to sign up to Funnel Franchise they will be made offers for premium themes, tracking, hosting and other services through your affiliate links.

None of the videos are hugely long – one or two top 40 minutes but most are less than 15 minutes, making them easy to consume on an ‘as and when’ basis and making specific information easy to find. The sections are well labelled and divided too, so there are no huge pages to scroll through to find exactly what you need to watch or re-watch.

There is also the almost obligatory Facebook group where Mark and some of his team seem to spend some time. It doesn’t seem heavily active at the time of writing, but it’s another source of help for those who need it. Peer support doesn’t seem to be a feature, but that may change as the membership grows.

Funnel Franchise Paid Upgrades

Now, you get all of the above for free, so why do you need to upgrade to the paid levels?

The main reason for taking one of the paid membership levels (there are two paid levels) is for increased commission rates for you when the people who you introduce upgrade for themselves.

Mind you, even as a free member you can get some commissions if your ‘downline’ upgrades to a paid membership or takes the advanced training. It’s not huge, but it’s something. This is not a regular feature of this type of site. Most require you to upgrade to the level you are selling – so you can’t sell a level 3 membership if you’re only a level 2 member.

Funnel Franchise allows you to upsell anyone to any level.

Funnel Franchise Pro Membership

By upgrading your own membership to ‘Pro’ the commission ramps up significantly and also you start to get tier 2 commissions. This is when the people you introduce start to introduce subscribers of their own. Yup. You get paid for other people’s work.

Upgrading to Pro will cost you $97 or 10 payments of $17 – making it quite affordable. The higher commission rates will soon pay the membership fee back.

Funnel Franchise Elite Membership

The highest membership level is Elite and gets you even higher commission rates on the two training systems (Funnel Franchise and Master Affiliate) as well as higher Tier 2 commissions as well. There is also personal email access to Mark and access to all of his other training courses.  The best extra is being included in Mark’s own traffic rotator so you could get subscribers joining your downline at no cost or effort to you.

That’s quite a package and it comes in at a decent price – $397 or 10 payments of $47, which may look a lot if you’re only used to $7 packages, but the increased commission rates and enhanced training will help you recover that money quite quickly if you put it all into practice.

One other important point is you don’t need to step-upgrade. You can go straight from Free to Elite membership without going through the Pro level, if you wish.

The Master Affiliate training is available to all levels and is a joint package between Mark and John Thornhill. I have no idea what’s in it but I do know it will cost you $2k to join if you’re accepted – you have to apply and be deemed ‘acceptable’. I’m guessing it covers product creation, getting JVs and selling your own low, mid and high ticket packages with plenty of personal support from the names.

Is Funnel Franchise Worth It?

At the free level, it’s undoubtedly worth it. If you take the time to go through all the training you will have a great background for promoting anything as an affiliate, not just Funnel Franchise.

The low commission rate will not make you rich unless you bring in hundreds of people who upgrade, but then you could afford to upgrade yourself. Anyway, at $17 a month for 10 months to go Pro is something you could probably manage even without a current online income. One Elite or Two Pro upgrades a month would pay for your own Pro upgrade.

The much higher commission rates of tier one and tier 2 sales of the Elite level is probably worth it, if you know the conversion rate of Free member to Pro and Elite signups. If you can get one Elite and one Pro upgrade per month or 3 Pro upgrades, your own Elite upgrade is then paid for (Assuming the 10 monthly payments plan in both cases). How many people you have to bring in to get those upgrades is the tricky question.

Working backwards from getting upgrades. If one person in 10 commits to a Pro upgrade you can see you need between 20 and 30 free introductions per month to pay for your own Pro level. If one in 50 goes Elite then you can look at them as your profit margin. I am assuming free traffic sources (safelists or traffic exchanges). If you have to pay for your traffic with solo or PPC ads then you’ll need to factor those costs in too.

Mark states that the optin rate at the initial squeeze page is around 50%. The membership signup page asks for more details than the initial squeeze but people have already committed once, so they should be more willing to commit again, so assume that 50% again actually sign up as a member.

So for every 4 people who you send to the squeeze page, one will actually sign up as a member. To get your 30 new members per month, you will need to send at least 120 to your squeeze page, but you will have at least 30 of the remainder on your email list (they opted in at the first squeeze page but didn’t sign up as a Funnel Franchise member) so you can guide them again to the sign-up page for more attempts to get them in.

Now the conversion rates may be better than my guess (they may be worse too), but my assumption is based on the success stories I’m seeing. If you think you can get one person a day to sign up as a free member, then go Pro. If you think you can get 2 or more signups per day then go Elite. If you just want to experiment, stay Free until you have some conversion figures of your own.

Funnel Franchise review
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Funnel Franchise – The Future

The big limitation of Funnel Franchise is that once people have upgraded or bought the MA training there is nothing else within the system in ongoing commissions, so you need to keep bringing in fresh subscribers all the time to keep making money or encourage your downlines to keep bringing in more people too for tier 2 sales (Pro and Elite members only).

You will, of course, have ongoing commissions from the affiliate sales made through Funnel Franchise since they are for hosting, autoresponders and tracking systems.

Of course, all of the subscribers will be on your email list too, so you will be able to make other affiliate offers to them and if you are canny, you will find other programs similar to Funnel Franchise to introduce them to.

Mark does say in one or two of his videos that he is considering putting up the prices of each level, but there is no time-scale announced. I do hope this isn’t a ‘false-scarcity’ tactic as there’s no need for it for this sort of system.

There’s no reason why Funnel Franchise won’t work. The free product is excellent and the paid upgrades are carefully priced and considered for the rewards given. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try the Free membership, so click the link below and see for yourself.

Funnel Franchise review
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