Next Generation Affiliate v2 Review

Next Generation Affiliate V2 Review & Bonuses

Next Generation Affiliate v2 Review
Next Generation Affiliate v2 Review

This is my Next Generation Affiliate V2 Review based on the sales page and an inside view of the delivery pages thanks to review access granted by the vendors of Next Generation Affiliate V2.

Affiliate marketing shouldn’t be difficult. Find a product, find people interested in the product and bring the two together. So why do we all have to make it so damn difficult?

But we do, so there is a need for good affiliate training.

I will admit that there are several things that affiliate can do badly or can damage their own or the vendor’s reputation. Dropping links where they’re not wanted is one of the worst but there are many others.

What are the best techniques for us to do things right – in a way that that actually enhances our reputations as good, honest go-betweens for the customer and product vendor?

And do techniques that worked 5 or 10 years ago still work now? Or even 2 years ago?

That’s where Next Generation Affiliate v2 and this review come in.

There’s very little wrong with Next Generation Affiliate v1 – which was still on sale up until the release date of Next Generation Affiliate v2 and making sales. But there are always things that are changing, especially with Google and Facebook algorithm revisions, so Matt Garrett decided on an update.

Now on with the Next Generation Affiliate V2 Review


Next Generation Affiliate V2 Review

Everything is provided inside a well-presented membership site. Everything is there under an easy-to-follow menu system which separates the various elements.

Next Generation Affiliate v2 Review
Next Generation Affiliate v2 Review

The course is a good mix of videos and PDFs with no filler. All of the videos are quite short – between 8 and 30 minutes, which is something I like. This is because it means you can re-do one small bit of the training without having to fast forward and rewind through a long tutorial.

One thing I always notice is the pace and style of delivery by the instructor. A slow, repetitive drone is not always conducive to a good learning experience. Fortunately, this is not the case here. There is little repetition, the instructor is very clear and the pace is measured. All of this makes it easy to understand.

There are quite a few nice touches too. Every video is also provided audio only and unusually, the slides are also provided in PDF form, so no matter what your learning preference – watching, listening or reading, you are covered.

There is also a single ebook covering the whole course so you can have the whole thing in one place.

The content is everything you’d expect from an affiliate training course. It’s all covered from the lead capture page – including a quick and easy way to make a giveaway product, all the way through to setting up an autoresponder and populating it with emails.


The Extras and Bonuses

Next Generation Affiliate v2 Review
Next Generation Affiliate v2 Review

There are sections on how much to send and how often – two things almost always missing from these sorts of courses.

Most traffic methods, both paid and free are discussed but none are dealt with in-depth and this to my mind is the weakest part of the course, but the one subject that most people struggle with. One of the built-in bonuses covers this to a degree, but the fact that it’s not in the main course detracts from it a little.

To finish off, there are some built in bonuses teaching you more traffic methods, top affiliate products, social media tips and a full mindset course too. It looks like everything is taken care of for you.


Next Generation Affiliate V2 OTOs

The original OTOs from V1 of Next Generation Affiliate are also included in the front-end package of Next Generation Affiliate V2. They are available as separate logins from the main arrival page and include training on ideas to help you make money away from affiliate marketing and some graphics, web templates, and some brief training on how to use them including links to free tools.

The new upsells for Next Generation Affiliate V2 are

OTO 1 – Affiliate Rex Page and Funnel Creator as a software service a one-shot payment

OTO 2 – Affiliate Rex on a monthly plan

OTO 3 – WP Toolkit Developer – Lifetime access

The first two I can understand and although the third may be good if you’re planning on being a product creator, it is slightly out of alignment with Next Generation Affiliate V2.

Who is Next Generation Affiliate V2 aimed at?

Mostly new marketers or those who have some experience but are still lacking that initial success. If you’ve been kicking around this business for any length of time you won’t find a great deal here that’s new to you although it will solidify a lot in your mind. The extras do add a lot of value though and probably make it all worth-while.


My Bonuses

I have put together a bonus package that covers the weak point in this training – traffic.

I have included – Crazy Traffic Explosion – a PDF of some good traffic sources.

Free Traffic Frenzy – A source of free traffic

Solo Ad Escape – Teaching you all you need to know about Solo Ads.

You will be able to download them from JVZoo on the same page as your Next Generation Affiliate V2 access.

To get Next Generation Affiliate v2 – CLICK HERE


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