Profit Epiphany Review

This is my Profit Epiphany review based on access kindly granted by the vendor, Micah Rutter.

Posting as Marketing

Image result for junk post images A few years ago, before Facebook was even a concept on paper, there were web sites called FFAs – Free For All. They were advertising sites were the newest ad was put on the top and the oldest fell off the bottom of a stack of a couple of hundred banners or text posts.

Naturally, all that happened is that people sat there and spammed their links all day to remain at or near the top. No one actually read the ads, they just posted them. The ads had a lifetime that was shorter than a viral tweet on a hot news day.

Site owners tried to calm down the mad rush by limiting the number of posts a single person could make in one day, but it still ended up a case of everybody shouting and nobody listening.

These days the equivalent is the public Facebook group. Thousands of people join them and post their ads, but the effect is the same. Everybody shouts and nobody listens.

Administration is pretty much non-existent and even where a notice is in place to not post more than a certain number of times per hour or day, this is mostly ignored and not policed.

There are some less than scrupulous marketers who still actually teach that posting in these Facebook Ad groups is a way of making money. Serious marketers avoid these groups like the plague.

However, one marketer didn’t. Micah Rutter – a 16-year old McDonald’s worker saw an opportunity in these groups. An opportunity to make profit with them. He had a Profit Epiphany. He’s let me tell you about it, hence this review.

Profit Epiphany Review

Profit Epiphany Review
Profit Epiphany Review

Profit Epiphany is an affiliate marketing training product. There are 7 videos and 2 PDFs in the basic package which teaches you how to set up a capture page to get the details of your visitors and present them with an offer.

All pretty standard stuff so far. Micah explains everything with the minimum of fuss and even shows you how to get a premium piece of software at a discount price. Unlike many product creators this is done in a few minutes rather than the hour-long videos that some feel the need to offer. In my humble opinion, this is how good quality training can be done, without fuss or fluff.

The ‘meat and potatoes’ of the training is the traffic system, which is one of those real D’oh moments when you hear it. It’s simple, it’s obvious but no one seems to have done it before.

It must be effective as Micah gave the Profit Epiphany system to an inexperienced (in online marketing) friend who promptly made $147 overnight with it.

Now there are a few… I won’t call them lies, because they’re not. But they’re not the whole truth to get the best out of the system.

Is Profit Epiphany Really a No-Cost Method?

Profit Epiphany Review
Profit Epiphany Review

Micah claims the system can be done at no cost – and I guess it can, but it’s not the most effective way of using Profit Epiphany. There are some costs and they’re the obvious ones of a domain and hosting as well as the aforementioned discounted (but legal) software.

Profit Epiphany also claims no lists but encourages you to build one and to do that efficiently you need an autoresponder. They may be free for the first month, but they’re still an expense after that.

Sure, if you’re making decent money you will be able to afford these things and you should use them, but it’s better if you start with them from the word go.

The first upsell is genuinely useful with the Profit Epiphany front-end – 32 Done for you campaigns although the guaranteed acceptance for 5 WarriorPlus affiliate products seems good for newbies, in all reality you could find vendors to accept you to get you going.

The final OTO of having a reseller license for Profit Epiphany is one of those 6 – half-dozen things. If Profit Epiphany sells well will there be anyone left to buy it? If it doesn’t sell well, why would you want to try to resell it? On the whole though, a good marketer who could make some decent sales pages might really do well with it and there’s always a source of newbies who need training.

Profit Epiphany Review
Profit Epiphany Review

The sales page is very much ‘blind copy’ so there’s no hint of what’s inside – which I think will put some people off – unless they came via a review like this one which hints more at the content.

What’s missing?

There’s not enough emphasis on the email follow-ups, but this isn’t an email marketing course, so it’s a forgivable omission. Some of my bonus offers address this lack with extra thoughts on engaging with your subscribers and some done for you emails to build the know, like and trust factors.

Would I buy Profit Epiphany?

Again, it’s a 50/50 call for me. I don’t need any more funnel training although the premium software idea is one that hadn’t occurred to me. The traffic method is interesting and will work – I don’t even need to test it to see that it will work and work well.

I would certainly buy the DFY campaigns but I already have enough ‘reputation’ to not need the guaranteed affiliate acceptance.

The traffic system is the working part of the Profit Epiphany model. It requires effort – but all systems do and this is one that, with the right push, will work very well – As Micah and his friend have proved.

Pick up your copy of Profit Epiphany Review and Bonuses here.

There is a 30 day, no quibble guarantee, but before you go ahead and join the ranks of serial refunders, actually try Profit Epiphany for yourself and become pleasantly surprised at how good it actually is.

You will certainly feel that it’s worth staying off of the refunding blacklist for. (Bear in mind if you go around buying and refunding, you stand little chance of being accepted as an affiliate and Profit Epiphany relies on having affiliate products to offer).




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