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Riserr Review – Riserr by Art Flair

Riserr review Riserr review. Riserr is the new product by Art Flair, a prolific product producer who has expertise in the Internet Marketing world. But that’s not where he first made money online.

How do you make money online without going heavily into selling? By offering a service of some kind. This means you don’t need a list, website, domain name or anything else you might think you need to have an online presence.

Now there are two ways that can go – you offer a highly skilled service and charge a lot of money for it. The trouble with that is that you need a skill, or at least need to learn a skill, that is in demand. The other way is to sell a ‘light’ skill – one that doesn’t take much learning and that a lot of people could do, but just don’t want to (or would rather devote their time elsewhere).

It is this second method that Riserr concentrates on.

First of all, Art tells you what skills NOT to use to make a lot of small amounts. The sort of things that look good, but are going to take a lot of your time and when brought down to money per hour, could actually cost the creator rather than make money for them. Extremely good for the buyers, of course. But not great for sellers who want to make good money.

Then we move on to a simple job that looks like it needs skill (but doesn’t), a great tool to help you complete that job and how you can upsell that job to make more money. It’s a category that is in-demand and has the opportunity for repeat buyers (another good thing). Of course, you are also shown the marketplaces to sell the results since there’s no point in having a product and nowhere to demonstrate it.

Finally, there is more training to improve your ability to get your jobs noticed – something very important when it comes to selling your results.

What do you get with this training? Riserr review

10 videos – all short which is great for focussing on a single aspect. I personally dislike hour long videos that cover everything at once. It makes it very hard to find what you want. There are a couple of bonus videos that are basically case-studies – again, a very good thing. Throw in a couple of PDF files which hold some useful information for headline creation and a list of places to sell your jobs, and you’re complete (for the front-end).

One little mark-down is the annoying intro. It’s fine for the first video but after the 10th time you’ve seen it (and you’ll see it 10 times in short-order), it tends to wear a little bit thin.

Art has a little bit of an accent but it is clear spoken English and there is no difficulty understanding him. All the information you need is there and nothing is left out.

The information is very good although it may not come as a major shock to anyone who has some experience online there is more to it than the obvious conclusion you will draw after the first few videos. Make sure you watch right to the very end of the last video as there is much more – some of which you might not have considered.

All good stuff.

Anything Bad?

Not at this price. A lot of good information with no fluff or filler. Everything you need is there and if you don’t need it, it isn’t. There’s plenty of tips to help you produce your product very quickly and how to upsell it to make more from it.

What Are The Upsells?

Riserr review Upsell one is advanced training and how to rank your results a bit higher so that more people see what you can do for them. There is a Lite version as a downsell. This means you do get a bit less although you pay less money.

Upsell two is a done-for-you pack to help you get started. Again there is a cut-down Lite version with a bit less content.

Upsell three is the reseller license for the whole package. This just means you get 100% of the sales price throughout the funnel. For something like this full-featured package it could actually be a good thing. No Lite version obviously.

Finally, Upsell four is some Mastermind coaching with Art so you can have some hand-holding or butt-kicking, whichever motivation you need to help you get started.


If you’re starting out online and you’re short of cash, this low-skill, high turnover, easy-to-do (and quick) job scheme is something to bring in the money to get you started elsewhere. At the price of Riserr you are getting one great idea that could even become your main income if you wanted it to. At the very least carrying out this job idea will make you enough to give you some good seed money for whatever you really want to do online.

With an initial hour or so then 30 to 40 minutes each day, you may not be able to make the claimed $200 but $50 to $100 is definitely achievable.

Take a good look at Riserr, it might be the last thing you need to make you money online.


Of course I’m offering bonuses. You get free access to my marketing training site and I will add a couple of extras that will make your product different from all the rest. Exclusively from me.

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