Solo Siphon Review

Solo Siphon by Philip Brewer

Solo Siphon Review

Solo Siphon review based on my purchase of Solo Siphon on Warrior Plus

Despite claims of doom and gloom by many, solo ads are still one of the best ways of growing an email list.

The niche used to be filled with scammers and fakers – most of whom would take your money then use a blaster to fire off bot-clicks to your link. You think you’re getting loads of clicks, but of course, bots don’t sign up or buy.

Solo ad selling is one of those self-cleaning niches. The bad guys don’t last long and with more potential customers insisting on seeing testimonials and asking others for reputation checking, the good guys who really do supply quality clicks are the ones still in business, whereas the bad ones (even the repeat offenders under different names) fade away into obscurity.

Solo Siphon review

In case you’re not aware, a solo ad is using somebody else’s list or traffic techniques to grow your own list. Solo ads are sold on a ‘per-click’ basis, usually in multiples of 100 and are the main way for many to start their own list or for testing new offers.

Solo ads are almost always sent to free offers, usually via squeeze pages so that subscribers are ‘copy and pasted’ from one list to another. This is not as bad as it sounds as many solo ad providers have a fast turnover on their solo lists (unless selling solos is only a small part of their business), whereas solo ad buyers will tend to nuture their subscribers with value and training in between sales pitches.

So, Let’s Review What’s in Solo Siphon

Straight off the bat, I can tell you that Solo Siphon is not a ‘How’ on becoming a solo seller, at least, not in detail. There’s a good amount of why you should do it, even when you don’t have a list of your own just yet (That’s a good trick though).

There are some good tricks in the 37-page ebook that help you build your own email list and siphon off the non-subscribing traffic to your own ends. There’s nothing illegal or immoral about this, it’s making use of clicks that didn’t sign up to the buyer’s offer, but only if the buyer didn’t do this himself.

Solo Siphon goes into detail about the tools you’ll need to be a solo seller – (you can’t do it all through a Gmail account and a spreadsheet), and there are even some ideas on how best to use these tools to the greatest effect both for your buyers and for yourself (with a warning to do things in that order too).

Although there is a money-making system in Solo Siphon (and there’s no reason why it won’t work – apart from your lack of action, of course) the main part of the book leads you towards Philip Brewer’s own solo system which is well established.

Not to sell you solo ads directly, but you to effectively arbitrage Philip’s clicks onto your own solo ad sales pages. Again, nothing wrong with this as a system. It’s done in many service industries for many products.

Solo Siphon review

Arbitrage is a system where you act as a middle-man, charging somebody a higher price and then outsourcing the job to somebody cheaper. For instance, somebody wants an article written and is willing to pay$25 for it. You find somebody who is willing to write the article for $15 and take the extra $10 as ‘finder’s fee’, otherwise known as ‘profit’.

The larger the number of clicks you buy at once, the better the price you will get them for. Even better with Philip’s system, you don’t have to use them all at once, so if you buy 1000 clicks up-front, there’s nothing stopping you selling 10 batches of 100. Obviously, this requires an up-front payment to Philip or whoever is selling you the clicks and to do this you need some cash in hand, but if you don’t have it, Solo Siphon has a system to cover that too.

So Solo Siphon explains how to arbitrage solo clicks and how to make use of spare clicks (over sends) and non-subscribing visitors. The book is a good reference for solo buyers and would-be solo sellers and at $5 is not going to break the bank. There are tricks you don’t need to be a solo seller to use effectively in your own marketing.

Take a look for yourself here:  Solo Siphon

Solo Siphon Review
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