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This Velocitii review is based on access kindly granted by the system creators – Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton.

Mosh and Jason have been busy guys this year. They’ve been releasing software and training on a regular basis since January and their stuff has always been pretty good. Let’s see if their latest release, Velocitii is up there with the rest of their stuff.

New marketers have always been encouraged to send their new visitors to a squeeze page first to make sure there’s a second and third chance to catch them if they don’t buy a product the first time around. It’s usually the done thing to offer a bribe in the form of an ebook or video immediately after the squeeze page as a thank you for the opt-in, but it’s not actually compulsory.

I remember trying to send people directly to a sales page immediately after the opt-in. If only I’d have thought to send traffic to the opt-in page, I might have discovered how well it worked.

Velocitii review

The problem for many people is actually setting up an opt-in page in the first place. Although there are some decent page makers, including autoresponder and WordPress based add-ons, they still take a certain amount of expertise to learn how to use them and they will still require tweaking for maximum effect.

Velocitii WordPress Plugin

What Mosh and Jason have done with Velocitii is to speed up the whole process significantly. Like one plugin quick.

Once Velocitii is installed you have instant access to 10 tested, high-converting, double-action squeeze pages. What do I mean by double-action? It means that you don’t see any fields to fill in until you press a button. This ‘micro-commitment’ actually increases opt-in rates since the visitor has already committed once by pressing the button, they will be more inclined to commit again by filling in the form.

Velocitii directly supports some autoresponders – most notably Aweber, Get Response and Mail Chimp plus a few others, but if yours isn’t on the list (Sendlane isn’t) you are covered by taking the HTML form option.

You also have to apply to promote each of the 10 products that are initially supplied with Velocitii. They’re all in the MMO niche and naturally enough, they’re mostly Mosh or Jason products although 3 aren’t. You are given links either to the JV page or affiliate network (JVZoo or WarriorPlus) request page along with a block of text that is used to ensure you stand more chance of being approved.

All of the instructions for installing and configuring Velocitii are supplied in the Velocitii membership area and are pretty standard as far as WordPress plugins go. The pre-made pages are quite fast loading too. A real bonus for impatient visitors.

Velocitii Extra Training

There are also 10 videos on getting traffic to the offers, both free and paid although there’s nothing new or outstanding in the information supplied. It will all be of interest if you haven’t seen anything similar before, just don’t expect anything of any great revelation.

Velocitii review

The Velocitii supplied squeeze pages are modern looking and you have a few options that can be set for each one. Whether you collect just the email address or add the name is up to you, although the former is recommended. The less detail you ask for, the more likely it is that you’ll get the opt-in.

Here’s one of mine – offering the ‘Blistering’ product. Each of the 10 squeeze pages is different in the wording and background but you can see the idea. The Velocitii plugin also supplies some basic stats so you can see how successful each page is for opt-in rates,

You also get the option of where to send the new subscriber next. The obvious answer is straight to the sales page (the headline of the squeeze page matches or relates to the headline of the sales page) although there’s nothing stopping you sending them to an intermediate page next so you can offer a free reward for their email and/or pre-sell the offer you’re about to send them to.

The obvious next thought is ‘can these squeeze pages be edited for other products?’ and the answer is yes, of course they can. I haven’t investigated how much editing can be done, but even if it’s just the headline and sub-headline, that’s probably as much as you’d want to do. Copies can be made of the existing pages so you don’t have to lose one to a change.

The Velocitii upsells are further training, more squeeze pages to more funnels, advanced training and 100% commission resell rights. I haven’t seen the entire sales funnel but there is apparent good value at every step that I have seen so I don’t doubt the further training is well up there too.

The vendor bonuses are a fast-action checklist and invitations to join Mosh and Jason’s Facebook groups. Both groups are very active and their respective names do make regular appearances. Mosh especially is very good at getting his following early access to his up and coming releases.

I’ve also added some bonuses of my own. Nothing too overwhelming, just some more traffic training, some ideas on launch jacking, 2 more premium WordPress plugins useful for marketers and a premium WordPress theme.


I had an initial disappointment when I saw that Sendlane wasn’t supported directly and my initial foray with Mail Chimp also didn’t work as advertised. I didn’t check further but I suspect that my finger trouble may have been to blame.

Not being able to use Sendlane directly though was not a worry once I discovered the HTML code option. The squeeze page code parser didn’t recognise all of the Sendlane code but did helpfully point out the bit it thought I needed (it was right) and I could copy and paste that information into the relevant fields.

Do you need Velocitii if you’re already OK with another page-builder? Probably not. You’ll know what makes a good squeeze page already and you’ll probably know the rest of the stuff that the training offers.

If you don’t have a page-builder and you don’t mind setting up a WordPress site or adding this one to it, then Velocitii will be a pretty good buy. It’s very cheap compared to InstaBuilder and OptimizePress and many of its ‘first-look’ limitations are way less limiting than you think.

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